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HOSECOM is an FTTX Equipment Manufacturer, GPon EPon XGS-Pon ONT ONU OLT equipment manufacturer and supply chain service provider engaged in the research, development, production and sales of network communication equipment. We are committed to bringing a better network upgrade experience to the global network communications business! Provide our customers with more cost-effective, more stable and reliable products. Personalized customization is a product solution we provide to users in different countries and regions around the world. We attach great importance to the personalized customization needs of small and medium-sized network service providers, and truly achieve low minimum order quantity customization, rapid customization, and fast delivery. With strong R&D strength and more than 13 years of experience in serving large customers, Hosecom can provide OEM/ODM/JDM/SKD/CKD services.

Hosecom focuses on FTTX technology. Its main products include OLT, ONU modems, wireless routers, network switches and other finished products. It also provides semi-finished products, parts and even production lines for export. From 2012 to present, Hosecom has more than 10 years of industry experience and serves more than 1000 customers in China and around the world. We have established an R&D center in Shenzhen, China, with a R&D team of more than 30 people. We have established two factories in Wuhu City, Anhui Province, and Pingdingshan City, Henan Province, China, with an engineer team of more than 30 people! The annual production volume of network communication products in the two factories can reach 20 million units!


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Supply chain solutions: OEM, ODM, JDM, SKD, CKD

Hosecom's strong R&D, production and manufacturing capabilities ensure that every customer's products can be delivered in time. Customers with customization needs can get professional customization solutions as soon as possible, with rapid customization and fast delivery, and delivery can be completed within 3 days at the earliest. Hosecom has strong supply chain integration capabilities, more than ten years of industry accumulation, and is backed by China's manufacturing capital, Shenzhen, China. We can export and customize everything from parts, semi-finished products, and finished products to manufacturing equipment and production lines. , choosing Hosecom as your partner will allow you to get the greatest support and help at the forefront of the industry. Welcome to contact us.


R & D Center:

Shenzhen R&D Center, located in Longgang District, Shenzhen City, integrates R&D, projects, and testing, and can complete the independent development and testing of most Netcom products. Each person has more than 10 years of working experience in the communications industry, and has experience in software development for domestic and overseas operator projects. He can independently complete software development and customization of multiple chip solutions for Realtek, ZTE, Brocom, MTK, Qualcomm, Hisilicon.


Professional R&D team

A 30+ R&D team, professional division of roles, and top-level specialized talents can provide customers with strong ODM and JDM product customization capabilities at any time. our engineering and technical personnel can quickly and efficiently transfer R&D results to mass production.


Electrical Performance Laboratory

The electrical performance laboratory can meet the electrical performance testing requirements for electrical product R&D, testing and certification. Through testing, we can confirm the performance stability of the product under various workloads and obtain the changes in various performance indicators of the product during the load change process. , which can achieve comprehensive analysis of product electrical performance and prediction of bottlenecks. The equipment and instruments are complete, equipped with 350MHZ bandwidth oscilloscope SDS5034X, Agilent optical oscilloscope 86100, wifi radio frequency signal tester WT-328C, Agilent 66319D program-controlled power supply, Agilent E5071C network analyzer, SIGLENT spectrum analyzer SSA3032X-E, Agilent N6705C DC power analyzer , CMW500 wireless comprehensive tester, siglent SDS 1104X-E oscilloscope and other instruments and equipment.


Some experimental equipment

350MHz SDS5034X all-in-one oscilloscope

Agilent 86100D broadband oscilloscope


The professional R&D laboratory is well-equipped to provide scientific and reliable data support for product R&D and testing. The IPD process system + PMS&U9 system protects the R&D process.

wifi radio frequency signal tester WT-328C

SIGLENT Spectrum Analyzer SSA3032X-E


R&D center mature capabilities

Hosecom has more than 13 years of R&D experience, with the development of ONUs, OLTs, routers, network switches and other products. It has IDH development capabilities for Realtek, ZTE, Brocom, MTK, Qualcomm, Hisilicon and other platforms, and has both software and hardware R&D and manufacturing. , can provide customers with one-stop product development services.


Strong delivery capabilities

Pingdingshan Factory, Henan Province Wuhu Factory, Anhui Province

Factory area: 30000㎡

Employees: 800+

Annual production: 15 million

Engineering staff: 70+

QC staff: 80+

Managers: 30

Factory area: 3500㎡

Employees: 400+

Annual production : 7.2 million

Engineering staff: 30+

QC staff: 40+

Managers: 15


Strict quality control

With more than 40+ quality control personnel, we focus on customer satisfaction and continue to improve the quality control level of each link.

  • Product development
  • product management
  • R&D testing
  • Warehouse Logistics
  • manufacturing
  • supply chain

With a complete product testing process, each product undergoes multiple testing procedures to ensure that the defective rate of finished products leaving the factory is minimized.

  • function test
  • Performance Testing
  • Stability test
  • Safety test
  • Certification testing
  • Environmental suitability test
  • Electromagnetic compatibility testing
  • software test
  • 100 times aging test

Contact us

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  • Phone: +86-0755-27747478


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